NEWS | 05.12.17

Wells of Life

“As a young creative, I believe it’s important to sometimes bask in the moment and soak up all that life has to offer. “

Advertising today has distracted us all. Sometimes its good to stop and focus attention on what is really impactful in today’s society. Fortunately many non-profits and big name charities are now becoming the new businesses’ that bring back hope into local communities.

This year I felt an itch to make a difference with my creativity. So I decided to lend a helping hand and volunteered for Forge 54.

The company primarily chooses to help bring the community together by recruiting passionate marketing and creative individuals to help serve non-profit organization. Teams were split up to cover all aspects of the campaign—marketing, advertising, design, digital, social, and video. Forge recently hosted their third annual charity event this year and they are continually growing each year. The event also brought amazing opportunities for young individuals to learn, connect and relate to others within select industries.

“Forge is special because everyone involved is there to donate their time and work as a team, adding a sense of passion, pride and excitement to Orange County’s nonprofit community,” said Forge 54 president Torrey Tayenaka.

This year was my first year volunteering with Forge 54. I have to tell you that having a chance to work together with a group of talented individuals for a righteous cause has always been my higher calling. From late night conversations and outrageous shenanigans—Fifty-four hours is all it takes to create over $160,000 worth of pro-bono marketing service and deliverables. In addition it also helped raise over $500,000 for the Wells Of Life campaign.

Advertising is powerful and has the potential to bring about great change. With the right advertising, anyone can help bring to light issues that are often left unresolved—problems that others choose to walk away and ignore. All it takes to start helping those less fortunate is a simple understanding and willingness to open our hearts and listen to those that are in dire need of help.