NEWS | 10.17.16

Yamaha TX650 Gearshift Bike

“You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough”

Tom Blinn

Position | President

When one of your biggest clients is Yamaha Motor Corporation, you want people to see your passion as soon as they walk through your door. GearShift Advertising decided to do just that by purchasing a Yamaha TX650 from builder Greg Hageman. GearShift had worked with Greg when the Star Bolt cruiser was introduced a few years back, and Greg won the Bolt Custom Build-Off competition with one of his scrambler designs.

Nearly ten years ago, this TX650 was built by Greg as a vintage race replica. He stripped down the Yamaha parallel twin engine and completely rebuilt it so that the bike performs as well as it looks. Greg used an XS650 fuel tank to look more like the ling-range fuel tanks used in bikes that raced in places like the Isle of Man. From the carefully sculpted seat down to the stunning gloss paint, Hageman didn’t miss a single detail.

We are proud of this bike and the history behind it. We invite you to stop by, strap on a helmet, try the kick-starter and feel like a vintage Yamaha racer from the 70’s.

Photography by Erick Runyan: