A newcomer to the motorcycle helmet and apparel business with a miniscule ad budget, GearShift partners helped Scorpionv1) establish a unique brand identity, 2) build awareness and sales quickly and 3) launch their new line of men’s and women’s apparel.

First, we conducted research to uncover the brand truths that would most clearly resonate with enthusiasts. Then, we created the now industry-famous, totally outside-the-box “Get Stung” campaign that used provocative imagery to convey key product benefits in a groundbreaking and memorable way.

Subsequently, we launched Scorpion’s new line of men and women apparel, first with a breakthrough teaser ad, followed up by attention-grabbing print and online executions. The results were stinging to say the least: a 40% to 45% increase in sales three years in a row. All while making Scorpion the buzz of the industry.

Work created by GearShift Advertising principals while at former agencies.