About Us

It’s no longer enough for advertisers to simply send out messages promoting their goods and services and wait for results. Today’s consumers are far too savvy and are exposed to such a huge number of ad messages that they’ve learned to filter out much of the “noise.” They now expect and crave experiences relevant to their specific interests, needs, and desires.

GearShift helps advertisers interact with their customers on a much more personal and pertinent level. We help build consumer engagement via targeted ad campaigns and seamless, multi-channel digital experiences that span across desktop, mobile, tablet and in-store.

GearShift is comprised of highly experienced strategists, creative directors, copywriters, producers, editors, content and technical developers, and media pros. Our core team is particularly versed in all things motorsports, bringing nearly 85 years of collective industry experience with brands including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki.