Sage Hill is much more than a private high school. It’s a transformative hub designed to allow students to truly achieve their potential – in whatever avenue they choose to pursue. Sage Hill focuses intently on building a closely-knit community that fosters both academic and personal development. Not to mention offering students a rich and dynamic curriculum that promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Outside the classroom, they encourage students to participate in athletics, explore their artistic abilities, and engage in the world beyond the campus through service to the community, internships and educational travel.

The transformational journey begins day one. With dedicated teachers who inspire a love of learning and ensure each student maximizes his or her potential, various programs, such as the Ninth Grade Experience, Service Learning, and Advisory, provide students the personalized touch that allows them to become the best version of themselves. Seminar style classes average 16 students and foster critical thinking, collaboration and development of close relationships with teachers.

Interactive classes widely range from Robotics, Forensic Science, Marine Biology, Surfing, Yoga, Sculpture, Digital Media and more. Couple this with an accepting and encouraging community and it’s clear that over the course of four years, a Sage Hill education transforms lives.

At GearShift we believe in full immersion and we take that seriously. We have sat in on many classes and have spoken with teachers, faculty and students. We pride ourselves on authentic storytelling. We strive to develop campaigns to educate the target audience on the truly profound learning institution that Sage Hill is. The opportunities are endless, and it’s our duty and privilege to get parents and students educated.

Whether your dream is to be a journalist, a robotics engineer, or you’re not sure what you want but you do know you want to go to Harvard, Sage Hill can help.

That’s what the “Become Your Very Best” campaign is all about. It’s about allowing students to discover what they want to do, then tailoring a curriculum and game plan to make future aspirations into a reality. It’s all about you and your journey.

It is an honor to work with Sage Hill, crafting content for their one-of-a-kind programs.