One of the most famous names in the car care world, Mothers has been providing consumers with high performance automotive care products for decades. Starting from humble beginnings, this mom-and-pop company (probably more mom than pop considering the name), has been the go-to for millions looking for premium polishes, waxes, and more.

So, when it came to launching new products, Mothers came to us.

At Mother’s the marketing team likes to be a part of the creative process and loves out-of-the-box thinking. Which his why we work closely with their team, brainstorming together to come up with communication that speaks to the enthusiast mindset and breaks through the clutter.

Thus, came the birth of a new campaign: The Art of Shine.

Mothers products aren’t for the average Joe or Jane who just want to keep their car clean. They’re for the car fanatic who wants every cubic inch of their car – from the hood to the wheel’s bolts – shining bright.

To the consumer, their car is not metal and rubber – it’s a work of art. And the application of products to make their art shine bright is a labor of love. It’s not rugged or forced. It’s an art form. In the same way a painter skillfully manipulates a brush on canvas, car owners carefully glide Mothers products on their vehicle, creating shine with every movement.

As passionate creators of the finest car products known to man, we were thrilled to work closely with the Mothers family, crafting this artfully-inspired campaign.