At first glance, Yamaha’s Sport Heritage line looks like it was born from a desire to bring back some old Yamaha models; but its genesis is a result of Yamaha’s rich history that’s based on passion, precision, father-and-son camaraderie and, of course, tradition. The philosophy pays homage to Yamaha’s rich heritage while being focused on performance for the future.

The Sport Heritage line and Yamaha’s roots are best explained by Yamaha’s Motorcycle Project Coordinator, Shun Miyazawa, who states:

“One thing that unifies our lineup is our respect for the fathers we had in Yamaha history. I think the possibilities are kind of unlimited, because if you count the number of bikes we produced in the 60 years of company history, there’s a tremendous amount of cool bikes. We are quite flexible and we are not limiting ourselves when it comes to the type of vehicle.”

They’re sport bikes. They’re street bikes. But one thing’s for sure. Every cubic-inch of every Sport Heritage bike, like all Yamahas, was engineered with purpose. Every bolt was tightened by the strength of family tradition.

Sport Heritage for Yamaha is also a way of life and creating a lifestyle for this particular brand is unique.

We at GearShift wanted to create something new from something that was historic, showcasing the newness while treat the images with vintage flair. The idea is, upon viewing the campaign images, to evoke feelings of personal nostalgia, helping you turn back the clock to a simpler time. A time all about joy and freedom.

When we were shooting the lifestyle images we were doing so with Instagram in mind. We aimed to be cinematic and mysterious, focusing on emotional imagery without showing the whole bike.

Whether you thumb through the images on Instagram or watch the video, you will most certainly feel a sense of freedom that can only come from riding a motorcycle – especially one made by Yamaha.

Yamaha’s Sport Heritage. Born to find new ways.