Many of GearShift’s principals played a major role in the advertising that helped grow Toyo Tires from a $400 million niche brand to a $1 billion high performance tire manufacturer in the U.S. in just 7 years!

Our work spanned everything from digital and broadcast to print and collateral for all of Toyo Tire’s categories, including passenger car & minivan, light truck & SUV, crossover, sports cars, competition, luxury sedan, and commercial trucks.

Toyo Tires’ number one focus is to speak to serious driving enthusiasts; subsequently, Toyo values our vast expertise in the motorsports and automotive categories. Toyo is well poised for future growth, as demand for high-performance tires in the U.S. continues to increase, especially on the replacement side, where tires H rated and higher now represent 38.2 percent of aftermarket shipments.

Today, Toyo Tires is North America’s sixth largest player in new tire sales, topping over $1.5 Billion which equates to a 4% market share. We are proud that Toyo Tires has continued its relationship with GearShift, and we are excited to help the brand continue to grow and engage with its ever-expanding customer base.